Aspetuck Angel Fund

Aspetuck Animal Hospital has worked with members of the community since 2012 to develop the Aspetuck Angel Fund. The goal of the Aspetuck Angel Fund is to help dogs and cats who are likely to regain a normal quality of life if provided with medical and/or surgical intervention. To be eligible for the Angel Fund, the patient’s family must demonstrate that their financial situation would otherwise prevent pursuit of treatment.

The Aspetuck Angel Fund will assist with treatment costs if all three of the following conditions are met:

  1. It is the assessment of an AAH doctor that the pet is to enjoy a good to excellent quality of life for a reasonable period of time as a result of the intervention.
  2. The family cannot afford the full costs of care.
  3. Funds are currently available.

To be eligible, a family must demonstrate substantial financial need.

The owner is expected to make a significant contribution toward costs (40-60%) depending on financial ability.  The hospital and the doctor may also contribute directly by providing a discount to the cost of the procedure.

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